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Now on CD & Vinyl from or at gigs. In 1988 Eric & Alan in Egypt's earliest (& hairiest) 4 piece line-up produced an album in a very different style to the later blues based stuff. We don't play any of the tracks live nowadays. Strictly for 'connoi-sewers' or the terminally curious. Line up was Eric Chipulina - guitars, Alan Fish - bass, Ryka - vocals, & Peter Chichon - drums. It's not all good but there's some really great stuff in there as well in a mix of Metal styles if you like that sort of thing.

Artistic Management & Promotion

Blues Kerosene album/Lazy Maisie single
release by Stable Records via Amuse Records, available from June 2017 as a download on multiple outlets (Spotify, Deezer, Napster etc.)

check out our recent interview for blues website in Greece

check out recent gig reviews

Boot & Shoe, Ackworth, W.Yorkshire

(in Spanish)
La Traviesa, Torredembarra, Catalunya

links to some 'Egypt friendly' radio stations

Deuce Radio Show

Radio Caroline

Braunschweig, Niedersachsen

Channel Radio

European Klassik Rock
Kansas City Online Radio

Holland on 1602 KHz AM and on the internet

check out Phil Penny blues shows

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Stockport, Gtr Manchester

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Purveyors of finest quality blues rock - Est. 1987
"never knowingly underdriven"

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gigs in: The Balkans and other european countries


Die Konzert, Tournee und Booking Agentur


Sally Sharp-Paulsen
Mama Bear Enterprises Ltd

Aus Vereinigten Königreichs - Konzerte in Deutschland, Schwiez, Frankreich, Spanien, Niederlande... mehr infos ...die band wurde im 1987 gegründet... - webpage auf Deutsch
Beaucoup de dates à travers la Royaume-Uni, Allemagne, France, Italie, L'Espagne, aux Pays-Bas... en savoir plus ...groupe Britannique de blues rock... - page web en Français
Bluesrock uit Verenigd Koninkrijk... speelt in Groot-Brittannië, Duitsland, Frankrijk, Spanje, Nederland, Italië.. meer info ...Egypt is in 1987 gevormd... - Web pagina in het Nederlands
Trío Britanico de blues rock...músicos con muchos años de experiencia... - página web en Español ...han actuado por todo el Reino Unido, y tambien España, Alemania, Francia, Italia y otros países en Europa...
Blues Kerosene - recenzija na Hrvatskom - ....donosi nam ono što je najbolje, kada je u pitanju rock 'n' blues....

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Egypt photos page, photos of Eric Chipulina, Alan Fish & Peter Correa

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