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Pubben på Bremnes, Bømlo, Hordaland, NORGE flyer

Bluescafe, Apeldoorn, NEDERLAND

Spaziomusica, Via Faruffini 5, Pavia, ITALIA

Rock on the Rock Club, Town Range, GIBRALTAR facebook


Red Lion - Dubai, UAE

Powerboat Festival, (Sharjah?) UAE

Al Nasr Leisureland, Dubai, UAE

Hotel? UAE

USA - Alan & Peter went to the USA but I (Eric) didn't actually make it because I decided a couple of weeks before, in my infinite wisdom, to go...wait for skating. Of course I had to have an accident & broke my thumb. Bummer! but on the plus side I had 6 weeks learning how to play harmonica with my one good hand, & on the plus plus side I was not in the aircraft to the states when it (sort of) crashed in the icy wastes of Newfoundland & the guys had to survive on mooseburgers for a week. True story! (with some very slight embellishments).